Akin Alston—Teaching Staff

“Fear no number.”
–Akin Alston

Akin Alston (he/him) is in his first year teaching at PSCS, but has been connected to this community since 2014. For over 30 years, he has developed new community-based initiatives and services to support higher mathematics and STEM achievement—particularly in communities of color. He has an innovative, charismatic and unconventional approach to mathematics teaching and learning.

Akin works continually to build professional relationships with an extensive network of educators. This includes legislators, advocates, and professionals in STEAM relevant fields; as well as parents and executives with shared desire to reform our nation’s educational system and standards of achievement.

Akin earned his B.A. from Howard University and his K-8 teaching certification from Western Washington University. He founded eMode Learning Foundation (now Zeno Math) and  Engageable Designs (home of the Mathematical Renaissance) where he is currently a master teacher. He is also a consultant for Seattle Public Schools as well Highline and North Seattle Colleges.

Akin dreams of a nationwide mathematics renaissance where students simply learn the love of doing mathematics.