Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning and Compassionate Priorities

Puget Sound Community School transitioned to extended remote learning on Thursday, March 12 due to Covid-19 and Shelter in Place orders. We will hold all courses and activities in virtual spaces through the end of the school year and are planning for multiple return scenarios.

Thankfully, being a community school means we have practiced working through difficult situations together and with mindfulness. Community is and will remain at the heart of who we are as we make this necessary shift. After last year’s heavy snow forced school closures, we experimented with online school and avoided having to continue into the summer months. Fortunately, this also means PSCS staff and students have experience in this modality and we are excited about the possibilities.

PSCS has cultivated a space where staff and community can offer resources, tools, and ideas for students and families to use at home during our extended closure. This is not an exhaustive list, but we’ve culled through a few options for you. Please do email us with your tips.

PSCS Remote Learning Resources

What We’ve Done So Far

Wednesday, March 11

  • Students spent the day on campus learning about engaging in online educational spaces and utilizing shared online tools.

Thursday, March 12 through Friday, April 11

  • School shifted to online learning this morning. Starting with Community Check in and appreciations via Zoom video conferencing!
  • Staff remained together on campus for a couple of days to work out problem-areas, troubleshoot, and solve community issues during transition.

Monday, April 20 through Friday, June 11

  • Foundations Week online. Community Check in/out and appreciations via Zoom video conferencing, classes pitched by facilitators, Flex Day, staff prep day.
  • Spring Term begins Monday, April 27. Advisory Check in/out and appreciations via Zoom video conferencing, Synchronous and Asynchronous classes begin!
  • Parent gatherings and community activities online.

All Events Re-imagined or Postponed

It became prudent early on to re-imagine our 10th Annual Music Café and Auction. Instead, we held a small auction online and worked to raise our $25,000 tuition aid goal through other means, ultimately making our annual giving goal early than anticipated.

Our Class of 2020 Senior Showcase and Graduation Ceremonies have both been planned as virtual events (Showcase: May 14, 2020 & Graduation: June 13, 2020, both via Zoom).

Thank you for your continued support of PSCS—we have endless appreciation for our students, staff, and families for their patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time in PSCS history.