Welcome to PSCS!

The PSCS community is a kind, inclusive, joyful community—where our students are inspired by dedicated teachers, administrators, and mentors, to pursue their passions every day. The PSCS program promotes self-direction in learning and life, social justice, and community engagement. The PSCS mission, to turn passion into achievement, is lived daily by our students and community of educators. Our students are known for developing the skills and dispositions to be successful, not only at school, but in life after PSCS.

This is a place where students are well known, challenged to be the best versions of themselves, and cared for by our staff throughout their middle and high school experiences.

During their time here, PSCS students gain an authentic understanding of who they are and how to use their position in the world to impact positive social change. Their academic work provides them with the ability to think critically and inclusively. Their unique school experience enables our graduates to be extremely prepared for life in the 21st century. PSCS alum go on to lead lives that are purposeful and impactful, making an imprint on the world around them, both locally and globally, in deep and lasting ways.

I hope you will come to our campus to experience for yourself the magic that is PSCS. Our school is a very special place, where students are engaged in relevant and joyful learning every day.

Please come visit us and find your community.


Teaching Staff Profile

Chrissy Wakeling

Meow meow meow, meow meow… Perhaps I shall translate for PSCS Teaching Staff member, Chrissy Wakeling. Chrissy lives in West Seattle with her two cats, lovely garden, and DVD collection. Like her cats, Chrissy is a skilled digger. Whether it is growing veggies and flowers for her co-workers to enjoy or digging up woolly mammoths, she likes getting her hands dirty. While Chrissy has a deep love for the PNW (home), she learns best through experiences and tries to travel...

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