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Andy Smallman
PSCS Founder, School Director

Andy's time studying human development at The Evergreen State College was exhilarating. He felt in partnership with the faculty, who supported him as he pursued ideas that he was passionate about—the exact opposite of his high school experience. At the time, he wondered, “Why couldn’t I do this when I was 13?” In 1994, he started Puget Sound Community School. Since then, students have learned in a safe, loving, nurturing environment staffed by teachers who help them pursue their passions. . . .

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A Message from the Director

practice integrity. engage the community.
act with courage.

Hello and welcome to the newly expanded PSCS!

Yes, I say expanded as we have recently increased our square footage by quite a bit. It seems as though our expansion has been years in the planning, but as I write this, the work is practically done. In short order, all of us, students and staff, are going to benefit from the labor of the large number of people working behind the scenes to help move the school forward.

Seven new rooms, a new music studio, a full shop, two new bathrooms (making an older bathroom a gender neutral space), sliding “barn” doors, and an eco-friendly drinking fountain! Who knew a drinking fountain could create this much excitement?

And with this increased excitement and success, PSCS has a new 5-year lease with an option to renew for an additional 5-years. Yes, we are now even more firmly established in the ID in downtown Seattle, and intend to be here for at least 10 more years. Hooray!

Continuing on the theme of expansion, I’m also excited to share that this year we will be providing expanded attention to the school’s vision statement established by the Board of Trustees (see? see what I did there?):

“PSCS envisions a community of global ambassadors for a philosophy that values kindness, wholeness, and social justice.”

Students will now see classes tagged with these words and opportunities to consider them in greater depth will be added throughout the school year.

If you know me, you know that my enthusiasm for PSCS is always massive. But as I consider this year and all its excitement, my enthusiasm has also expanded. There is a positive energy surrounding us that you have to see to believe.

Expanded space, expanded vision, expanded enthusiasm.

It all flows. Or to put it another way: everything is lining up for our 23rd year to be one of the best ever.

Stop by some time and see for yourself!

Andy Smallman
PSCS Co-Founder &
Executive Director