Tawni Bell

PSCS Adjunct Teaching Staff member, Tawni Bell, is an educator, activist, artist, and athlete. She has been working in non-profits and progressive schools for over 15 years where her goal is to fight for unheard youth and build inclusive communities to raise them in.

In addition to teaching at PSCS, Tawni is a co-director at SKY Community Tacoma where she is currently working to flip everything up.side.down. She lives in a full house in Tacoma with one husband, two kids, some cats, (I think) a fish, and (for sure) a brother in law.

When Tawni is not following her service through this world, she is following her heart through the trees, toward the sun, as close as possible to the ocean.

B.A. Fine Arts & Performing, Western Washington University; M.A. Columbia College, Chicago