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Carrie Kenner
Board of Trustees

Carrie Kenner is a PSCS parent and fan.  She lives on her urban farm on Beacon Hill with her son, 8 chickens and a cat, and owns Big Belly Services where she trains birth doulas.

Carrie‘s mission is to create a more peaceful world through healthy birth, healthy food, racial and social justice, and sustainable food production. Carrie has been a part of the PSCS community for 5 years and couldn’t imagine a more wonderful community to help raise her son.

She serves on the Anti-Bias Committee and volunteers to teach classes on sexuality and birth. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Carrie derives her energy from trees and water and sunshine, and loves to connect with nature and the earth, and sing and dance.

Carrie is also an urban farmer with a passion  for sustainable food production, social justice regarding food access, and food as medicine.